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Whether you are seeking help for yourself or a loved one, you should use a therapist you can trust. Michele will expertly diagnose your problems and offer a tailored cognitive- behavioral plan to address your issues. She utilizes clinical hypnosis, mindfulness, and energy psychology for the promotion of wellness and in the treatment of psychiatric problems, developmental issues, life transitions and for periods of short and long term disability.

Utilizing Clinical Hypnosis, Michele offers relaxation training and ego strengthening for stress, trauma and anxiety disorders of all types.  As well, for pain management and to assist persons who may be on leave from work for surgery and/or psychiatric illness.  Excellent documentation of your medical issues, as well as timely referral to supporting providers,  helps to ensure that your needed leave will be covered by your existing disability benefits and that you begin to get the treatment you need immediately.

About Us

Clinical Hypnosis for Mental Health and Wellness provides individual and family psychotherapy services in a therapeutic setting. This private practice, founded by  Michele Lyons-Fadel, LCSW,   is located in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania, and provides psychotherapy services for Philadelphia and surrounding suburbs.  Michele works with all ages and many issues.   Her  office is filled with therapeutic objects that her clients are able to handle  in learning mindfulness and self-regulation skills. She draws on a variety of life experiences that make her a more sensitive and informed therapist. This helps her to truly understand the needs of her clients and deliver mental health care that is transformative for many.    Clinical hypnosis, in the context of psychotherapy, is utilized with many clients in order to teach self-regulation, for habit control and wellness, for insomnia and chronic pain, and in the treatment of ego problems of all kinds (anger management, stress reduction, emotional reactivity,  overactive mind, body image, self-esteem and issues related to sexuality).



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