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Psychotherapy & Mental Health Care In Blue Bell, PA
with Michele Lyons-Fadel, MSS, LCSW
ASCH Certifed Consultant in Clincial Hypnosis

Effectively Manage Your Stress/Medical Issues

Your mental health is important.  Hypnosis for Mental Health and Wellness specializes in the differential diagnosis and treatment  of mental health problems of all types.   Michele is a trained psychiatric social worker with extensive inpatient and outpatient experience in treating a broad range of psychiatric disorders, as well as  developmental  and school-related problems and issues.  Concussion management and recovery is another service Michele offers.  She has sucussfully helped many concussion patients and thier families more fully  understand and accept thier recovery needs, and better pace the gradual return to normal functioning.  She has found Clinical Hypnosis to be a very effective in assisting patients with better pacing thier recoveries.

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Psychotherapy Services

Michele offers 50-60 minute sessions for individuals and families. Therapy sessions address  psychiatric problems, stress management, and the management of developmental challenges, health crises, and life transitions. Sessions are available for adults, teenagers, and children. Increased insight as well as rapid mastery of emotional reactions and behaviors are goals of treatment.  

Psycho-education is offered as a necessary component of psychotherapy services. Michele  helps clients  gain a solid understanding of their problems, related ego functioning and how these  may be enhanced to  allow them to be more comfortable in the expression of  emotions and more clearly directed in their life choices.

Differential Diagnosis:  60-90-Minute Sessions Depending on Complexity

The complexity of accurately diagnosing psychiatric illness requires a skilled professional who asks the right questions and who really understands differential diagnosis.  As a trained and experienced psychiatric social worker, Michele  is highly skilled at diagnosing mental health and adjustment disorders in people of all ages. She often involves the family in the support and understanding of the client's mental health issues. She takes an active role in involving parents in the treatment process when working with children and adolescents, and in networking with other providers.