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Clinical Hypnosis For Mental Health and Wellness

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Psychotherapy and Clinical Hypnosis
Offered In a Therapeutic Setting: 
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Life-Changing Treatment

Learn how to make positive changes that enhance your life. Clinical Hypnosis for Mental Health and Wellness offers a wide variety of services that help you do just that. This private practice is your trusted source for mental health treatment in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania.

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Clinical Hypnosis

Michele offers 50-minute sessions of psychotherapy, in which Clinical hypnosis is often used to address emotional problems of all kinds, as well as in the treatment of a broad range of psychiatric conditions, including developmental disorders and 

  • Post-Traumatic Stress
  • Depressive Disorders/Bipolar II Mood Disorder
  • Anxiety Disorders

Individualized Treatment Plans

Michele does a thorough assessement of each client by taking a detailed history.   She then  works with each client to develop an individualized treatment plan, which may include the use of clinical hypnosis tailored to each person's unique situation. As an experienced mental health professional and practitioner of clinical hypnosis, Michele skillfully helps you to identify the negative thought patterns that keep you stuck in dysfunctional relationships and habits. She then helps you with replacing dysfunctional beliefs with more adaptive ones for increased motivation and mastery. Audio recordings of hypnosis are available for personal use.

Break Free of Dysfunctional Patterns

Michele has successfully assisted clients in making better choices, quitting smoking, losing weight, and gaining increased insight and understanding of how they can break free of dysfunctional patterns. She considers hypnosis to be a beneficial life skill that people learn and use for the rest of their lives. She helps children and adolescents learn self-regulation skills and gain the confidence they need to handle developmental challenges. She does this both by providing counsel and then using clinical hypnosis to help them understand their egos, master their anxiety, and learn how to better self-regulate in their school and family environments.  Individual and family counseling are provided to enhance the social support system of the person seeking help and ensure a rapid recovery and/or mastery of the problems.

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Mental Health Evaluation

Mental health evaluations are 60-90 minutes, depending on complexity and level of urgency/crisis.  Michele is highly experienced in treating clients with  acute stress conditions (sudden unexpected events that are temporarily destabiliziing), chronic health problems and chronic stress disorders. Michele also uses clinical hypnosis to help in the management of chronic pain conditions, and to help prepare people for surgery and dental work.

Happy Adolescents

Wellness Counseling

Clinical hypnosis has been shown to provide increased motivation for those wanting to make healthy lifestyle choices. Michele helps you identify dysfunctional lifestyle choices and motivates you to establish healthier habits.  She offers wellness counseling for adults, adolescents, and children.

Smoking Cessation

Michele uses a 4- to 6-session protocol for clients seeking a multimodal cognitive-behavioral plan for smoking cessation. Following the initial evaluation, she uses clinical hypnosis and develops individualized suggestions based on each client's unique situation.  Relapse prevention is addressed as part of the treatment.